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  • Linus Lee | Founder & Editorial Director

    Linus is the founder and the editorial director at Cafe Avant-Garde. He loves philosophy and physics, and spends most of his time designing or writing. But beyond that, the first thing you should know about Linus is his unbounded optimism. He doesn't like to play by the notion of realism, and as with everything else in life, that's been both good and bad. On the positive side, he tries anything and everything that sounds interesting. Since this website was one of those small ideas to begin with, that's not all bad. But for better or worse, that also leaves him with a gigantic and probably unreasonable list of ideas that he wants to try and things that he wants to do, and he's slowly working through them every day. On the downside, that means there's also many failures that come along. So Linus always aims for a happy medium between making new things and learning from old ones, in always trying new things, as well as his life in general. And writing and working for this website is certainly a big part of that agenda.

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  • Siddu Navaneetha | Film & Entertainment Editor

    Siddu is one of our most interesting contributors here at Cafe Avant-Garde. He loves videography and anything else pertaining to movies. When you first meet Siddu, you’ll immediately notice that he is a bit eccentric. Don’t worry, he’s always like that and that’s what makes him Siddu. Him being off his rocker makes him extremely funny at moments and also leads to really creative ideas. In his free time, he likes watching Netflix, perusing Facebook, or going on long walks. He loves the company of other people, but there’s nothing he loves more than walking around outside, One Direction up real loud, and just thinking about life. He also shares a huge passion for debate and speaking in front of an audience. This is partly due to him being a control freak and being the oldest child in his family. Siddu is a realist and always thinks of the most effective solution to a problem and strives to help others, even if they do not want help themselves.

    Abhi Saravanan | Politics & Events Editor

    Abhi is a quiet, shy guy. He won’t talk very much, but when he does talk, he talks in an excited manner in a high-pitched voice and he will speak so fast that you cannot humanly understand a word he is saying. This comes from his favorite activity--policy debate, where fast talking is the way of life, which is why he fits in there so well. Around school, you will see Abhi doing lots of homework. He spends most of his time at school in the library or at some club meeting. Besides debate, some of Abhi’s other hobbies are competitive math, the violin, reading books, and obviously writing for Cafe Avant-Garde. However, most of his time is occupied doing homework and debate.

    Jenny Shao | Staff Writer

    Jenny Shao enjoys writing, no surprise. It is a way to share fascinating information and express opinions, both of which are opportunities offered through this collaborative project. Besides writing, she enjoys debate and playing the cello, and her interests include European history, cats, and the meaning of life. Jenny hates endings but is a sucker for a good one. She is a firm believer in novelist Rosa Nouchette Carey’s quote, “Do it with passion or not at all,” and with this in mind, she hopes to support those around her in doing the same.

    Arjun Ramani | Staff Writer

    Arjun Ramani is a problem-solver and enjoys figuring stuff (anything) out. He loves to do complicated math problems, and thinks an elegant solution to a tough problem is one of the world’s wonders. His love of problem-solving extends to science, where he spends a lot of time tinkering with different methods in his research. Arjun enjoys playing tennis as well as basketball, and says his liking for mathematics stems from his childhood obsession with the basketball statistics of Dwyane Wade. Arjun is a romantic, and likes to dream big about the future of his life and his impact on the world around him. He thinks it is crucial to believe in oneself to accomplish nearly any goal. In his free time, Arjun enjoys hanging out with friends, rapping to his favorite beats, and juggling.

    Shruthi Garimella | Staff Writer

    Shruthi is a self-proclaimed weirdo who is curious about the world around her. She's has a passion for martial arts, renewable energy, and music. She's a 3rd degree black belt and has been practicing tae-kwon-do for 13 years. Music is an essential part of her, especially since thats what her name means. Not an hour goes by without her random tapping, humming, singing, or listening to music. Shruthi also loves debate and hopes to incorporate everything she's learned from it into her writing and life. She's super passionate about renewable energy and anything to do with the environment and climate change. She wishes to someday be a part of the field. She's open to ideas and is always there if you want a hug or need someone to vent to. In her free time, Shruthi catches up on her favorite shows, reads, bikes, and sleeps.

    Jongjin Park | Staff Writer

    Jongjin is in no way a nerd because nerds would think they’re too cool for Jongjin. He is an extremely eccentric human being who is maybe too loud. He is a great listener, if he can stop talking (Except he will never stop talking). He is vocal about the things he is passionate about. He loves poetry, art, literature, film, photography, life (for the most part), debate, music, his mother, Superman, Arjun Ramani, and most importantly, writing. Whether it’s movie scripts or essays, he constantly tries to write for his own pleasure and his own feeling of accomplishment. He cannot empathize with those who get writer’s block because he is never out of ideas (not necessarily good ideas). His only hope is that these ideas will inspire others to form different, new, and creative ideas of their own that they will soon want to share with others also.

    Darren Chang | Staff Writer

    Determined to make his own dent on the world, Darren can often be found oscillating between two modes: frantically procrastinating and irresponsibly sleeping. To him, discourse is important and lifelong learning is crucial – an open discussion forum is often the key to developing mindsets and a more comprehensive world view. At the risk of being called a politically correct social justice warrior, he is passionate (and often strongly opinionated) about the problems that we face. His interests include neuroscience, international relations, political economics, and kritikal literature. He is the captain of the Science Olympiad team (the “SciHounds”) and a former captain of the debate team at Carmel High School, where he is a senior. In his free time (marginally decreasing), he enjoys playing table tennis, eating Pho noodles, browsing The Atlantic, and imbibing Arnold Palmers like nobody’s business.

    Zhiyue (Jenny) Wang | Staff Writer

    At first glance, Jenny may seem like a quiet and shy girl, but don’t be fooled. In reality, Jenny has a bubbly personality and loves to talk. She can ramble on for hours about her favorite KPOP bands and her love for eating and traveling. She also has a passion for music and has been playing the violin for seven years now. And to let you in on a secret, she also likes to burst out singing and dancing to her favorite songs when no one is around. Because she has been introduced to many different cultures, her taste in music is also very diverse. If you look at her phone, you will find that only 50% of her songs are in English. The other 50% is either in Chinese, Korean, or Spanish. Besides her love for music, she also enjoys drawing and spends her free time sketching or painting. Her favorite subjects in school include Computers in Design and Production, Science, Math, and Debate. She enjoys debating and swimming with her friends and classmates. She loves to help others and give back to her community. During her free time, she volunteers at Westminster Village nursing home. She wants to become a surgeon when she grows up and somehow incorporate her love of traveling into her career.

    William "Bill" Morgan | Staff Writer

    William Morgan is constantly confused. Even the most simple things, like his own name, confuse him. He pursues many different hobbies, most notably “roadgeeking”. He also likes automobiles, maps, and geology. He considers himself to be a moderate liberal, though sometimes he states, “I’m a moderate liberal.” as if he were asking you a question. He doesn’t like talking about politics, because in the end, he feels everyone ends up angrier at the other side. Currently, his goal in life is to become a Civil Engineer, though he is also considering Urban Planning. He enjoys athletics, especially Cross Country. His favorite genre of music to listen to is Alternative Rock, and some of his favorite bands are OneRepublic, Train, Foo Fighters, and Green Day. Will’s attitude towards life could be called “Happy-Go-Lucky” though when shiz gets serious, he can react appropriately, and he isn’t immune to the occasional blue period. By the end of his life, Bill dreams of making a substantial positive impact on people’s lives, while at the same time experiencing all that this amazing planet has to offer. Hopefully, he’ll sort things out by then, and his confusion will eventually wear off. Until then, he continues his pursuit of knowledge.

    Sabriya Alam | Staff Writer

    Sabriya is just another girl with a bunch of ideas, trying to make her mark on this world. Her family is originally from Bangladesh, and she is fluent in Bengali. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, making groan-worthy puns, and listening to classical music. Sabriya is a self-proclaimed chocoholic--a lifestyle that she strongly recommends. In her free time, she loves reading, baking with her sisters, or playing her violin. She is especially fond of drawing, photography, and of course, writing. Sabriya enjoys volunteering in her community as a means of reaching out and helping others, and she likes working with young children and teaches every week at her local Sunday school. She also loves travelling to foreign countries with her family, and is eager to see the world beyond her backyard.

    Aditi Acharya | Staff Writer

    Aditi loves the finer things in life, then she remembers- it takes effort. The realization of this epiphany while biking has driven her into various trees and inanimate objects in the past, leaving memorable scars. An avid practitioner of Tae Kwon Do, Aditi also plays the tenor saxophone (no complaints from neighbors as of yet). Otherwise, she fiddles with proteins on her laptop. In her free time, she may be seen charting out sections of Middle Earth or speaking to herself in Quenya. Aditi has a passion for languages. The margins of her homework tend to be filled with an attempted translation of parts of it into French or repeated strokes of a kanji character she can't seem to get a hold of. Aditi is subject to several whims and fancies and has an interesting repertoire. She is fascinated by the workings of nature and aims to do scientific research. Until then, she hopes her eclectic pursuits will not lead to many more tête-à-têtes with trees.

    Brian Mi | Resident Swag Expert

    Brian Mi is the swaggiest swagamuffin in the world. His interests include looing cool in Raybands, not paying attention during meetings, and complaining. Honey Bri-Bri's accomplishments are extensive, and he is decorated with multiple accolades, such as the Writer of the Least Number of Posts and the Grand master of the Art of Complaint. - Written for Brian by Cafe Avant-Garde Team

    Past Contributors

    Claire Hazbun | Staff Writer

    Claire is a feminist, liberal, humanist, and atheist. Most would agree that her maxim of “Unapologetically Outspoken” is a pretty accurate description of herself. Her interests include politics, especially social issues, law, and international relations. Her fascination with these topics is greatly fostered by an extracurricular activity that she loves more than anything in the world – debate. If you catch her staring intensely at her laptop screen with her brow furrowed, chances are she’s working on debate. She firmly believes that everyone has a duty to be actively engaged in the world around them, and she hopes her contribution to this website will aid in her quest to fulfill this duty and maybe spark a few peoples’ interest along the way. In her free time, she listens to music, reads the New York Times, writes poetry, and bakes cupcakes. She uses the oxford comma, her favorite book is Life of Pi, and her favorite country is Switzerland.

    Jake Gutwein | Staff Writer

    Jake doesn’t have a true primary interest that he focuses on when writing--simply whatever comes to his mind at the time. He writes on topics that affect him personally as well as issues that are prevalent in the world today. His biggest interests include, but are not limited to, football, debate, economics, business, politics, and rap music. Jake can’t be nailed down to a certain viewpoint (i.e. right or left, Republican or Democrat) as his views vary depending on the issue at play. His biggest goal for writing is to get his ideas expressed to more people and he hopes that people learn more about themselves while traveling through his writing.

    Cyrus Hulen | Staff Writer

    Cyrus Hulen is a person who doesn’t know a lot. Despite his favorite past time of reading absolutely everything, the sheer volume of the knowledge of humanity means this is just a drop in the bucket. Beyond the pages, Cyrus is a musician, gamer, and debates in the World Schools category. While vibrant and sometimes overly energetic outside of the school, Cyrus has given up on the public education system and can often be seen half asleep. Cyrus is honored to be a writer for Café Avant-Garde and looks forwards to writing on a variety of topics ranging from social issues to physics. Cyrus hopes to study Archaeology before becoming Indiana Jones. You can contact Cyrus at [email protected]