About Cafe Avant-Garde

This is who we are.

We are not Harvard University-level researchers, and we are not certified by major companies. We are not a source you want to cite in your thesis paper. We are not related to the royalty. We are not Nobel Peace Prize winners, nor composers of Grammy-winning tunes. We are not the glamorous faces you see on TV.

We are not astronauts, geared up to fly to the moon.

But what we are is a group of individuals with words to be written and voices to be heard.

We are all—for better or for worse—living the lives of high schoolers, sitting quietly in barely-comfortable chairs for forty hours a week, staring at projector screens and bubbled-in Scantrons and white boards.

We are a collection of writers, artists, gamers, and book-lovers. We are teenagers, barely getting enough sleep to function…the less homework, the better. And we all have something in common: we like to look at things from different angles, through another lens, because nothing is too dull that can't be intensified by looking through a rainbow filter.

From executive order to etymology, from Michael Jackson to Édouard Manet, we are Cafe Avant-Garde, and we all have something to say.

We are founded on the idea that nothing in life is too bland for creativity to fashion something worthwhile. With imagination, it’s not just a news story, it’s not just history, and there is more to space than vast emptiness. We want to explore and we want to know...

And in that regard, to the moon we go.