Attributions Guidelines

Sharing and Distributing Our Content

This page attempts to lay out the basic guidelines for distribution of our content online. However, it in no way takes the place of a legally binding document, and where other licenses apply to certain intellectual property as indicated with the content, appropriate licensing laws are to be applied.

A special note on images

Images - excluding our brand assets -- are an essential part of our content and our image library consists of a mixture of outsourced images, as well as our original images. If an image is sourced from a third party, an appropriate note will be found with the caption of the image and the appropriate copyright code will apply (mostly Creative Commons Licensed). If not otherwise noted, the image is our work, and they are governed by the same distribution guidelines as our written content, as outlined below.

Original content on articles

Original content on articles include any written content, including captions and pull quotes, as well as original images, photographs, video, and other media. Cafe Avant-Garde holds exclusive copyrights to our original content. However, such orignal content is free to use, under the following conditions:

In addition, if you plan on using a piece of our content, though not required by us, we would appreciate it if you let us know.

Brand assets and design elements

Here, brand assets and design elements of Cafe Avant-Garde include but are not limited to any logos, graphics elements, icons, and user interface elements used as a part of our website, as well as the source code on which it operates. Cafe Avant-Garde holds exclusive copyrights to these brand and design assets, and they may not be used by any third party without written permission, except when under fair use.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected].