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A Criticism of Christopher Nolan: Characterless Character

Dec 2 / Jongjin P.

Christopher Nolan is a genius in a very literal sense: “a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative.” That statement isn’t my thesis statement or what I’m trying to argue against, but it is a statement that needs to be acknowledged for the sake of the following discussion. These days, every filmmaker is trying to elevate cinema with the thinking that advancing the medium of films is using advanced technology. George Lucas, someone who was helmed as a creative, innovative genius of his time, was harshly criticized for using green screens in subsequent Star Wars movies. James Cameron, the filmmaker known for classics such as Aliens...

A Criticism of Harry Potter: Stakes in Storytelling

October 29 / Jongjin P.

Before superhero movies, it were the Harry Potter movies that dominated cinema. It was one of the first instances of intellectual property turning into a multi-million dollar franchise with eight films, between 2001 and 2011, grossing over $7.7 billion worldwide. And this entire film franchise kicked off only four years after the first book was published in 1997, the book series of which, sold more than 100 million copies, standing next to all-time classics such as, Don Quixote, A Tale of Two Cities, The Little Prince, The Hobbit, and Alice in Wonderland. Even five years after what we thought to be the end of Harry Potter, ...

Why We Need More Than “Strong Independent Female Characters”

August 20 / Jongjin P.

Ever since its conception, movies have always shown a lot about the world. Whether it’s To Kill a Mockingbird exploring racism or the Bourne trilogy attacking the Bush Administration, movies have consistently reflected the world we live in. One thing that has continued to fill movie screens is sexism towards women. To this day, women are underrepresented, there are fewer lead roles for women in Hollywood, they are hypersexualized, inequalities go on. Women, much more than men, ...

Independence Day, Star Wars, and Nazis: Why Canon isn't Important

August 6 / Jongjin P.

Whenever somebody asks me if I’ve seen Star Wars, I always have the same response: “All three.” Those who know even the slightest bit about the history of Star Wars, know what this joke refers to. After the massive success of a life-changing, incredible phenomena that is the Star Wars Trilogy between 1977 and 1983, and the continuing legacy it had on for many generations through merchandise, spin-offs, and toys, George Lucas had finally decided to fill in the missing gaps: the prequels.

Stranger Things Review

August 5 / Siddu N.

The Goonies. E.T. Back to the Future. Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Breakfast Club. The Empire Strikes Back. These are all movies we know and love. Now they were all made or set-in the 1980s, a time period where Hollywood saw the release of many movies we come now to call classics. I think it’s the combination of the music, small town setting, and various tropes that give us the feeling of nostalgia when watching these movies.

Mona Lisa Sucks

July 30 / Jongjin P.

What makes the Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world? There are a million different answers to this from the way the smile was drawn to the myth behind the woman. But whatever the answer is, for me, it always seemed to be in need of a forehand historical knowledge about the painting. I’m not, in any way, an artsy person. I’m not the kind of person that would look deep into metaphors and different interpretations of what the artist tried to convey...

Top 10 Movies of 2015

January 5 / Siddu N.

It’s 2016 already? 2015 went by way too quickly. (Stay with me, I think this next one’s gonna be a run-on.) I guess to sum it all up, the year would be a storm trooper taking off his helmet whilst leaving Syria, who is then revealed to be Donald Trump wearing a white and gold dress (or blue and black, even I’m not sure). Floyd Mayweather is still running and runs straight into a Black Lives Matter parade. Okay, I’m done trying to be funny, Paris and Beirut (even though most only think about Paris, it wasn’t the only place to get attacked) were massacred by terrorist attacks...

The Revenant: Review

December 22 / Siddu N.

Nothing against Star Wars, but this movie was my most anticipated movie of this year by far. Come on, directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, director of one of my favorite films of 2014, Birdman, starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio and Mad Max himself, Tom Hardy. With an amazing cast and a magnificent director, I was more than hyped for this movie. But does it live up to its expectations?

Jessica Jones Review

November 30 / Siddu N.

I write this as my Thanksgiving break draws to a close. It’s a very sad time indeed. I feel as though I didn’t do much of anything during my whole break, spending most of my time at home with a computer screen in front of me. I regret not going out more and doing stuff outside, but on the flipside I got to watch and finish the entire first season of Jessica Jones. Let me begin by noting that I didn’t remember that this show even existed until I started seeing little banners pop up here and there on the interwebs. After completing the first season in a little over a week, I’m proud to say that I have more than enough reason to remember Marvel’s Jessica Jones. And that’s because it’s just that awesome.

Women are Dictators

October 18 / Siddu N.

To everyone who missed my movie reviews, I apologize for my absence. My summer was a lot busier than I expected, and I did watch a lot of movies, but I just didn’t have the patience or time to sit down and write reviews. It was summer, and I had a life. Notice the use of past tense. Well school has started up again and is kicking my ass -- again. But as school started, my social life started is decrescendo, as I spent most of my time on my laptop. Now I’ve found a way to procrastinate on my Calculus homework ...